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What is GFit Women?

Stronger. Together.

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GFit is a trainer-led, class-based, group fitness program designed for a women's body.

We rely on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), holistic nutrition, and a strong community to deliver results.

Why GFit Works

1. Fresh Daily Workout
Everyday brings a new workout to keep you motivated and challenged.
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) gets you lean and toned. Each class is led by a female trainer to keep you on track.
2. Personalized Nutrition
Because you can't out exercise a bad diet!
Your membership plan includes a customized diet plan designed for your body. Each plan includes a macro-based daily meal plan with shopping list.

3. Strong Community
Don't go at it alone.
Join our diverse community of women that share one common goal, wellness. Together, we create an inspiring and non-judgemental training environment.

Where to Find Us

GFit Women Media
(Located in the old American Carpet building.)
700 West Baltimore Avenue
Upper Providence, PA 19063

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Meet the GFit Media Trainers

Let our all-female staff keep you motivated and on track. Each trainer has started as a GFit member, so they'll be able to relate to your fitness journey!